About Us

    Back in 2004, I moved back to New York City from San Francisco.  But as much as I love Manhattan, I didn't want to give up the convenient escapes from city life that San Francisco made so easy.  So, I decided to buy a weekend place in the Hudson Valley -- about 80 miles north of the city in the middle of Dutchess County.

     I purchased an 1888 "Colonial" -- I'm told the actual style is Carpenter Gothic/Queen Anne -- sitting on a little over 5 acres of land.

     The house was in great shape when I got it, considering its age.  In fact, most of the trouble I've had is with a 1970s addition that started as a garage, transitioned to a veterinary office, and then living space.  It's still in great shape, but the upkeep never stops.

     The first big change I made was turning the three-car garage into a wood shop.  Woodworking is an amazing hobby, and I only wish I had the time to devote to it.

     The next big changes was adding the Wife and dog.  With that, the house really became a home.  And, rooms that were "furnished' with anything I could find have slowly been re-done with a necessary combination of love and talent.  I had only the former.

   This blog will go back and detail some of the changes I've made to the house, for better or worse.  And, document the renovations going forward.  Being "house rich, cash poor," as the saying goes, I try to all of the work myself.  Although it's not as much about saving money as it is about enjoying the work, learning the techniques, and reveling in a job well-done.  (Or pretty well-done, as is often the case.)

Along the way, I'll discuss food, books, movies, woodworking, and, of course, my beautiful spaniel:

Oh -- Obviously, I'm just starting this.  So many of the posts are a little raw.  And I'm not a particularly good photographer.  So, any and all comments are appreciated.